How Do I Initiate
a Refund as a


How do I initiate a refund as a merchant?

How can I request a refund?

You can request for a refund through your POS terminal/s, our Ecommerce Payment Gateway, or via email.

Forward your email requests to with an attached completed pre-formatted Excel file with the following details from the download resources tab above:

  • Date of Transaction
  • Merchant ID (MID)
  • Card Number
  • Auth Code
  • Transaction Amount
  • Refund Amount

Note 1: Any error in the details provided can result in a delay or rejection of the refund.

Note 2: Refunds should be processed through the same card on which the original transaction took place & the amount should be partial or equivalent to the sales transaction amount.

Note 3: If your POS terminal is enabled for refund then you can complete the refund through your device by selecting the ‘Refund’ option.

Note 4: You can raise AMEX card -related requests directly to the AMEX team.

Am I allowed to process a refund amount higher than the sales transaction?

You can process refunds for a partial amount or equivalent to the sales transaction amount only.

What if the customer requests for cash instead of a refund on the card?

Please inform the customer that refunds have to be processed through the same card on which the original transaction took place. Refunds using cash are not allowed.

My customer’s card has been replaced, how would he/she get refunds on the new card?

Your customer will need to contact his/her bank and provide them an Acquirer Reference Number (ARN). You can find the ARN number in your statement.

How long does it take to process a refund?

a. The average turnaround time for a terminal-posted refund is two (2) working days.

b. The average turnaround time for manually-posted refund requests is two (2) working days for up to 20 requests. The time may vary depending on:

  • The number of requests
  • All details provided are correct
  • Details are in the requested format
How would I know if a refund has been processed?

Refunds posted to your account will reflect on your merchant statement the day after posting. You can find the reference ARN number in your statement.

Note: The ARN is not available for CUP & Maestro card refunds. Kindly inform the customer/cardholder to check on the refund with his/her respective Bank.

When will cardholders receive their refund?

The refund amount will be credited to the card subject to the balance in your Merchant ID and clearing from the respective Payment Schemes.

If your Merchant ID has a negative balance (receivables are higher than processed sales) and is offset through alternative channels other than incoming sales volumes, then a Credit Adjustment will be shown on your merchant statement.

What does the negative amount in the Holdover cell on my statement mean?

If your sales volume or the balance on your Merchant ID is insuffcient for the refunds posted, then your Merchant ID will reflect a negative (holdover) balance that will show on your statement.

This means that any refund processed by Network International will not reach the Payment Schemes for cardholder settlement.

I do not have enough sales to balance the refund

If you do not have suffcient balance to cover your refunds, then we recommend:

  • Please advise us in advance if you are expecting more sales on the next day
  • Pay the extra amount to Network International’s account and confirm with us by sharing the deposit slip
  • Contact your Sales Manager for the next steps
I have requested a refund erroneously, what should I do?

Refund processing is done through an automated system, so double-check before requesting. Network International will not be responsible for processing refunds you raise erroneously or for any associated charges.

For Technical Support:

Download our Network UAE Merchant Support Application for IOS & Android from the App or Play Store – or check out our YouTube channel, Network International Payment Solutions, for instructional videos.

Network UAE Merchant Support application
YouTube Channel

If you still need support, then you may also contact the following:

If you wish to give feedback regarding our services then please feel free to send an email to our Voice of Customer team at

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