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Pre-Authorization FAQs

How can I request for a pre-authorization release?

Please forward your email requests to in the pre-formatted Excel file with the following details:

  • Date of pre-auth
  • Merchant ID (MID)
  • Card number
  • Auth code
  • Card type
  • Pre-auth release amount

(You may download the a copy of the Excel file from our Download Resource section on this page)

Where do I send pre-authorization release requests for Amex cards?

You may contact the Amex scheme for pre-authorization on Amex cards.

How long does it take for a pre-authorization amount to be released by the Issuer Bank?

The pre-authorization amount on a card is usually released by the Issuer Bank within 30 days.

Can I do pre-authorization on a Maestro Card?

No, the pre-authorization transaction is not supported on Maestro Cards.

For Technical Support:

Download our Network UAE Merchant Support Application for IOS & Android from the App or Play Store – or check out our YouTube channel, Network International Payment Solutions, for instructional videos.

Network UAE Merchant Support application
YouTube Channel

If you still need support, then you may also contact the following:

If you wish to give feedback regarding our services then please feel free to send an email to our Voice of Customer team at

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