Ian Jiggens

President – Advisory and Information Services

Ian is President of Advisory and Information Services for the Group, responsible for developing and commercialising the company’s suite of capabilities in Advisory and Information Services. He joined Network International in October 2017 to build and develop its client advisory, analytics and data-related products, solutions and capability with the objective of providing growth-related consulting and market/customer insights to Network’s issuing, acquiring and merchant clients.

Ian has more than 30 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry primarily in payments and consumer lending. He was previously the Operations & Consulting Director of Qarar Consultancy, a boutique analytics and consulting company and an affiliate of the credit bureau of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he oversaw all client engagements, company resources and legal and finance matters. Prior to that, Ian was the regional General Manager for Principa, a South African -headquartered consulting company. Before coming to the Middle East he worked in various senior risk leadership roles for organizations such as Santander, GE Money, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and NatWest and also spent several years consulting for Mastercard Advisors with clients across 10 European countries.

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