Network International partners with SerVme to boost UAE Food & Beverage sector’s digital payments platforms

Published On : 10 July 2023

Network International (Network), the leading enabler of digital commerce in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), has partnered with SerVme, the leading reservation and guest CRM platform for restaurants and hospitality operators.

The partnership will bring significant benefits to UAE-based Food & Beverage merchants as the sector continues to record steady growth supported by the country’s standing as one of the world’s most popular tourist hotspots. Through an integration of Network and SerVme’s platforms, restaurants will enjoy a more seamless and efficient payment process with real-time access to the reservation system, and automatic storing of all payment history under the respective guest profile in the CRM system.

The partnership will enable restaurant operators to secure their revenues in advance from guests by offering options such as partial or full deposits for special events. It will also enable pre-authorization of credit cards for bookings to hedge against last-minute cancellations that affect restaurants’ table turnover. This innovative solution will mitigate issues such as "no-shows" and ensure a seamless and secure payment experience for dining customers while providing restaurants with guaranteed income.

“As a home-grown payments company, Network is delighted to support the UAE’s growing hospitality sector which remains a key contributor to the nation’s economy,” said Pankaj Kundra, Group Head of Products, Partnerships and Enterprises at Network International. “Our strategic alliance with SerVme is in line with our continued commitment to deliver valued-added services and payment innovation to our hospitality clients. This integrated offering will enhance the payment experience for customers and merchants while providing the added security benefits of advanced encryption, PCI compliance and fraud prevention measures.”

“Joining forces, SerVme’s advanced reservation CRM platform and the MEA region’s leading payment provider Network International, empowers our restaurant merchants to unlock a seamless and efficient experience and take operations to new heights while securing revenues in advance” said Sarah Hawilo, CEO and Founder of SerVme. “We are committed to supporting restaurant growth and providing innovative solutions that adapt to the F&B industry’s evolving needs.”

The partnership underscores both companies' commitment to leveraging technology to provide innovative and seamless solutions, aiming to significantly impact the F&B industry in the UAE.

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