Terms & Condition

Smart Bundle- Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms & Conditions for chargeback cover:

Any capitalized term not defined herein shall have the same meaning as ascribed to it in the Merchant Agreement

1. POS accessories provided under the Smart Bundle offer does not cover:
(a) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes;
(b) damage caused by operating the POS accessories outside the permitted or intended uses described by Network

2. Network shall provide the POS accessories to the Merchant under the Smart Bundle offer which commensurate to the business the Merchant is generating (“Fair Use”). If the Merchant is not abiding by the Fair Use guidelines, Network shall, at its sole discretion, have the right to deny the provision of any or all of the POS accessories to the Merchant.

3. Merchant agrees that the following terms shall apply for chargeback cover under Smart Buddle Offer:
3.1. Out of scope: the following transactions are not included in the chargeback cover:
3.1.1 Transactions originating from Hotels, Airlines, ATM's, Car Rental and Real Estate; or
3.1.2. Key -entered / MOTO & eCom transactions; or
3.1.3. Chargebacks/fraud received due to exceeding card scheme chargeback/fraud thresholds (excessive chargebacks/fraud); or
3.1.4. Card scheme notifications and scheme penalties; or
3.1.5 offline transactions processed by the Merchants or direct completion of transactions without obtaining authorization.

3.2 To claim a chargeback cover, Merchant shall be required to produce supporting documents to prove:
3.2.1 that the transaction was conducted and goods/services was duly delivered;

3.2.2 that the goods/services was provided as described by the Merchant to the cardholder;
3.2.3 that Merchant had disclosed all terms and conditions relating to provision of such goods and services to the cardholder.

3.3 Merchant cannot claim chargeback cover for transactions which was refunded or reversed by the Merchant.


3.4 Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the following limitations shall apply to the chargeback cover per Merchant legal entity:
3.4.1 Chargeback cover shall be capped at 1% of the monthly volume of the Merchant but in no case it shall exceed USD 50000 per month.
3.4.2 Chargeback cover shall be limited to USD 2000 per card/user for last 90 days.
3.4.3 Network shall charge a deductible of USD 10 per chargeback claim which shall be deducted and remaining amount shall be credited to the Merchant as per the terms and conditions herewith.

4. Fees, Taxes: On each Transaction under Smart Bundle Offer, Network shall charge the Merchant a Fee which is greater of (a) 0.0525% of the Transaction value which shall be inclusive of VAT; or (b) AED 0.01, inclusive of VAT.

5. Changes, Termination Notice: Network shall have the right to make additions and amendments to the terms and conditions relating to Smart Bundle Offer. All such changes and amendments will be reflected in the following link: https://www.network.ae/en/contents/view/smart-bundle-terms-condition
If Merchant wishes to withdraw from the Smart Bundle offer, unless otherwise agreed by Network, Merchant has to provide Network a minimum period of 30 calendar days for cancelation of this offer. Network shall have the right to withdraw/terminate the Smart Bundle Offer anytime by giving one day’s advance written notice. On termination of the Smart Bundle Offer, the terms and conditions of the Merchant Agreement shall continue to be applicable.

6. Conflict: If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and Merchant Agreement, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

7. Entire Agreement: The terms mentioned hereinabove and the Merchant Agreement together shall comprise the entire agreement and shall govern the services mentioned herein. If there is any conflict between the Smart Bundle Terms and Conditions mentioned hereinabove and the Merchant Agreement, the Smart Bundle Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

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