Go-Online: E-store solution for SMEs

Go-Online: eCommerce solution for SMEs

Powered by Shopmatic


Network International offers SMEs an end-to-end solution – Go-Online – that allows you to set up your own online store quickly and easily. We offer more than 60 digital store designs that you can customize with a few clicks, add your products, plug in a payment gateway, ensure timely deliveries, and start selling.

Go-Online, powered by Shopmatic, is a complete e-commerce solution that gives you the power to launch an online business, which your customers can access on any device, from desktop to mobile. What’s more, you can achieve this without any programming or coding knowledge.

Features and Benefits

Quickly set up your ideal store:
Choose from over 60 fully responsive Go-Online templates
to give your store a professional user interface. Keep your
customers coming back for more with a superior experience.

Plug in payment options:
Network’s payment gateway is the region’s most innovative, with
high levels of security, simple refund capabilities, and frictionless
checkout. You can customize it to meet the processing needs of
your industry or business model.

Offer optimal delivery preferences:
Go-Online comes with delivery solutions from Network’s partners that ensure your customers get what they ordered without delay.

Manage your online store like a pro:
Monitor orders, payments, and shipments from a single store management module that also lets you plug in promotions, discounts, and product recommendations.

Get valuable sales insights:
Go-Online empowers you to assess and improve your selling strategies by giving you relevant sales data insights and a link to your Google Analytics.

Network International
Network International
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