Payment Gateway


eCommerce is the fastest growing sales channel worldwide and Network International understands that this will be a key driver of growth for all our customers. Our vision is to source the world’s best web and mobile commerce capabilities, delivered with local knowledge and support.


Our payment gateway is the Middle East and Africa region’s most innovative, with high levels of security, simple refund capabilities and frictionless checkout. It offers a customizable gateway solution that can be tailored to meet the processing needs of specific industries or business models.

Network’s payment gateway has emerged as a preferred option for merchants across categories including apparel, music, footwear, education, hospitality, e-retail, insurance, wellness, handicrafts, travel and entertainment. It enables incremental revenue from international customers who wish to tap into the region’s unparalleled and diverse retail offering. A real-time MIS empowers merchants to make effective inventory and pricing decisions with the latest transaction trends at their fingertips.


Network International
Network International
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