As a responsible company, Network International is committed to achieving growth while making sustained positive impacts on society, in a manner aligned with our corporate strategy and our purpose.

Some of our socially relevant activities include:

Other Initiatives


Supporting the ‘Good Life’ in Egypt

Countryside volunteer work breathes new life to heritage town

We were fortunate to actively participate in the Egyptian Government’s ‘Good Life’ campaign aimed at improving living standards across the countryside in collaboration with the Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development.

Our volunteers helped with various activities such as home visits, awareness meetings, street sweeping, beautification and planting in Faiyum, one of Egypt’s oldest towns and one of the longest-inhabited regions in the country.

Plant a tree, protect the environment

Fresh hope to sprout from 200 nabali olive trees

Our CSR ambassadors in Jordan collaborated with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN), an independent non-profit organization championing the protection of the environment and the natural resources of Arab countries, to plant 200 Nabali olive trees in the Al Faiha'a area of the Madaba Governorate.

Network shouldered the purchase of the trees, which were planted on a struggling small farmer’s land in cooperation with the Madaba Women’s Association as part of APN’s Green Caravan program

“It’s Handmade!” returns

Young people of determination create thoughtful keepsakes

Prior to the pandemic, Network UAE regularly organised events in support of Special Needs Future (SNF), an institution that helps integrate young adults with determination into the workforce by teaching them life skills.

After a one-year hiatus, SNF’s “Its Handmade” Pop-Up Bazaar finally made a comeback at Network’s Dubai office, showcasing festive handmade paintings, jewelry, cards and other creative arts and crafts made by SNF’s wards that staff bought as thoughtful keepsakes and gifts for their loved ones.

Together to save a human

Giving the homeless and handicapped choices and chances for a better life

Our colleagues in Egypt spent a fun day with people sheltered by the ‘Ma’ana Foundation to Save a Human Being,’ an institution that houses homeless people of all ages. They gave away presents to kids and donated a few items during the event which was attended by journalists and public figures.

The team had previously donated laptops, mobile devices and small gifts to outstanding handicapped students to motivate them to overcome their physical challenges and pursue success.

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