As a responsible company, Network International is committed to achieving growth while making sustained positive impacts on society, in a manner aligned with our corporate strategy and our purpose.

Some of our socially relevant activities include:

Other Initiatives


Love & care for Egypt’s special needs children

Food, gifts, and lots of hope and joy to young people with special needs

Network Egypt’s HR Team took advantage of easing COVID-19 restrictions on movement to organize a visit to children sheltered by the ‘Land of Love Association for Supporting Special Needs,’ a Cairo-based non-profit organization that helps people with special needs and their families.

Our volunteers distributed meals and gifts to the Land of Love’s young wards and even had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the birthday of one of the kids.

Network’s Egypt office employs more than a dozen individuals with special needs, reflecting our Group’s commitment to supporting disadvantaged people within the communities we operate in.

Food distribution with Naua in Jordan

Staff helps Naua distribute enough food parcels to feed around 250 needy people.

Our Jordan team was featured on the Facebook page of Promise Welfare Society in recognition of its volunteer work in collaboration with Naua, an initiative by the Crown Prince Foundation that acts as an online platform for social impact.

Our volunteers brought hope and joy especially to children and the elderly living in the Um Al Rasas and Qasr al-Hallabat communities, helping Naua distribute food parcels to a hundred families – enough to feed around 250 people.

Highlighting tech’s role in Nigerian education

Ten lucky students participate in Network’s 3-month mentorship program

Our employees in Nigeria volunteered to enlighten students and staff of Kuramo Senior College in Lagos on the important role of technology in education through a Lecture, a Debate, a Donation Drive, and a Mentorship Program.

Ten students were selected for Network’s three-month mentorship program which helped participants increase their knowledge, build their skills, help acclimate them to college life, strengthen their confidence and self-awareness, and fuel their ambitions.

Making a ‘Positive Impact’ in South Africa

Financial and logistical assistance for feeding children in lower-income communities

Throughout the pandemic-challenged year, our staff in South Africa provided financial and logistical assistance to several activities undertaken by Positive Impact, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding children in lower-income communities.

It was a privilege to be part of Positive Impact’s inspiring efforts to give hope amidst such challenging times.

Creating for a Cause

UAE staff make use of quarantine time to create and donate

Despite being apart, our UAE teams banded together to make meaningful use of their plentiful quarantine time at home to ‘Create for a Cause'.

Employees were encouraged to do activities such as writing a poem, composing music and working on handicrafts and submit their masterpieces. The top entries were given the opportunity to donate a considerable sum to their preferred charity.

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