Providing a smooth shopping experience

Technological advancements have not only changed the way we buy things, but also underlined the importance of safer, faster and more reliable payment methodologies. The most crucial aspect of any commercial transaction is the actual payment, which is why both shoppers and merchants are eager to ensure that payments are completed in a simple, hassle-free manner, leading to a smooth and flawless shopping experience. 

Leading provider of card processing services

The leading payment services provider in the region, Network International supplies credit, debit and prepaid card processing services, ATM sharing and ATM management services to more than 50 banks in 17 countries, while managing one of the world’s most extensive ATM networks with around 800 ATMs. In addition, Network International also provides consultancy services, ranging from planning and design to the development of new products and services.

Merchant acquirer par excellence

Network International is also a leading merchant acquirer in the UAE, providing expertise on the following acquiring services:

  • Manage and Operate Card Acceptance and Authorization at merchant retail outlets
  • Provide Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals and connectivity to Visa and MasterCard
  • Third–Party Acquiring for AMEX, Diners Club and Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB), Union Pay (formerly China Union Pay)
  • Merchant Settlement and Chargeback Services
  • Merchant Reporting and Statistics

As a leading merchant acquirer, Network International enjoys more than 65% market share through its network of EFTPOS terminals, processing payments for merchants in various business sectors such as airlines, governments, retail markets, major shopping centres and most international hotel chains. Merchant acquiring business is the facilitation of payment through debit or credit cards at retail outlets.

Pioneering strides in new generation payment technologies

From cash to card to contactless payments, Network International has been at the forefront of payment technologies, providing complete card payment services which are replicated at an alternate site to ensure uninterrupted services to consumers.

The introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) has added a new dimension to Smart Cards, which is why banks and credit card companies looking to provide consumers with trendsetting payment solutions are moving to contactless NFC technology for their payment needs. As the leader in the regional cards industry, the task of bringing this technology to the Middle East naturally evolved with Network International. Network International’s contactless card services are provided through MasterCard International’s PayPass and Visa’s payWave platforms.

To cater to the rapidly growing consumer finance market, Network International provides banks and financial institutions with processing services for car, personal, auto and home loans.

These offerings, together with state-of-art origination and collection modules which Network International also provides to clients, represent an exceptionally powerful service proposition.

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