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With DCC, merchants can offer Visa and...

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Merchants reduce counter processing time with Network’s...

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Deploying the EPP option allows merchants to...

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SmartView is Network’s proprietary secure platform that...

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

With DCC, merchants can offer Visa and MasterCard cardholders the ability to pay for goods or services in their own currency. Network offers this service to all its merchants where there is a potential of high international customer footfall. Duty-free shops, hospitality businesses, retailers, restaurants, and jewelry merchants are the preferred partners for this PCI-compliant free-of-charge service, which covers more than 105 international currencies.

Merchants are provided a dedicated resource for DCC training and a monthly MIS statement to measure DCC performance. It results in reduced risk of call-backs, charge-backs, and disputes and offers price transparency in the customer’s most familiar currency.

DCC is offered to partner banks to generate revenue under the two categories: Acquiring Business and ATM DCC. The trust gain from customers is tremendous because of competitive exchange rates offered, along with ease of compiling expenses with the exact sales amount appearing on their statements.

Quick Checkout (QPS/ VEPS)

Merchants reduce counter processing time with Network’s Quick Checkout, eliminating the need to print or handle paper receipts and doing away with signatures. Quick Checkout is quicker than cash.

Easy Payment Plan (EPP) @POS

Deploying the EPP option allows merchants to offer customers the convenience of making payments for their purchases in monthly instalments. The solution guarantees EPP approval at the POS terminal, eliminating wait time for approvals at the call center and creating numerous opportunities to up-sell, driving up purchases of high-ticket items.

Enhanced Analytics

SmartView is Network’s proprietary secure platform that provides up-to-date analysis of card performance, accessible anywhere, anytime.It offers 61% reduction in time to analyze information, 31% decrease in operating costs, 44% increase in customer satisfaction, and 38% decrease in cost of ownership, without the need to collect data.

SmartView provides simple and interactive reports based on advanced MIS analytics under key performance metrics, allowing issuers and merchants to enjoy superior data availability without any further investments in infrastructure development.

The analytical engine is based on the core business architecture of card processing and acquiring, making SmartView a unique platform for discovering new business opportunities buried deep within complex transactional data. The intelligence tool is specifically designed to help clients capture revenue opportunities at low overhead costs and a short turnaround time.

Businesses can immediately look at anomalies and discrepancies in transaction trends on devices of their choice and arm their marketing or sales teams with a customized data dashboard.

SmartView provides visibility of relevant transactions and portfolio performance, cutting out white noise, in order to optimize product lifecycles. An associative search delivers fast business answers intuitively.

SmartView enables you to make smart decisions by sourcing information from all your applications. It also presents data in a visual format to simplify the process of gathering insight.

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