Celebrating UAE Artists

‘Celebrating UAE Artists’ is a unique initiative launched under Network International’s corporate social responsibility strategy to promote the creations of UAE-based artists, especially talented Emirati artists and children with disabilities.
In line with this, Network International is offering its building façade as a platform for artists to showcase their talent. Life-sized reproductions of local artwork will be displayed on the colossal façade of the company’s headquarters in Al Barsha to highlight the creative portfolio of artists in the UAE.
Dr. Najat Makki’s painting titled ‘Illuminant Figures’ is the first to be displayed in a series of many. The original painting is currently on display at Dubai’s Women’s Museum, the first of its kind in the Arab world that is recognised for representing the UAE’s history and heritage through art.
This unique initiative by a UAE-based company is a first for Dubai and will contribute to the UAE’s vibrant home-grown art scene. The company plans to showcase a new artwork on its building façade every three months. Network International will undertake all expenses related to photographing and reproducing the artwork and on occasion, will display the original piece in its office lobby to raise awareness on the artist.

‘Illuminant Figures’

Artist: Dr. Najat Makki

Dr. Najat Makki, is one of the foremost Emirati artists. She is a member of a number of cultural and Fine Arts Institutions, including the Emirates Association for Fine Arts, the society of ’AIP’ for Fine Arts at UNESCO. In 1977, Makki was the first Emirati woman to be granted a government scholarship to study art abroad and she travelled to Cairo and obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in relief sculpture and metal. When she returned, she began working for the Ministry of Education conducting art workshops and teacher training and finally in 2000, she returned to Egypt to complete her doctorate in the philosophy of art.

‘Colours of Rain’

Artist: Zia Sahad

Zia Sahad is a 19-year old Pakistani student at Dubai’s Rashid Centre for Disabled. Zia, who was born deaf and dumb, joined the Centre 10 years ago and is an active member of Rashid Theatre. Painting is one of Zia’s many talents, and ‘Colours of Rain’, created in 2016, is a visual treat that plays with striking colours to depict a vibrant rainy day.







For more information about the campaign or to refer an Emirati artist to be featured, please send an email to CSR@network.ae